My iAccess is not recognized. Help!

To begin with, please make sure your iAccess is plugged in properly. If you use thick case, try to take it off and plug in iAccess again. 

Check if you have inserted MicroSD card correctly (see image below)


Now try to connect your iAccess to iPhone, launch MobileMemory app manually and wait for - 15-20 seconds. (Our app needs time to load the information on your microSD card.

Before we proceed please make sure you have backed up all files stored in Local storage of the app as reinstalling the app will delete them.

If the above did not help, please try to:

1) Delete MobileMemory app
2) Power off your iPhone.
3) Close all the apps on the background (Double tap home button > swipe up)
4) Install MobileMemory app from the App Store.

If the above did not help, iAccess might not recognize your MicroSd card because it is not formatted correctly or the file system on the card has been corrupted. You can format your card in FAT 32 following the instructions below.

Please note that formatting will erase all the data on your card so please backup your data before proceeding.

1) Place the MicroSD card in your PC's card reader and determine the drive designation (i.e., G:\, H:\, etc.)
2) Download the fat32format utility in GUI version from here.
3) Launch the guiformat.exe.
4) Choose the drive that corresponds to your MicroSD card.
5) Choose the size of the MicroSD Card you are formatting. (You'd better choose the 32kb cluster size)
6) Check the Quick Format box.
7) Press Start.

Once the card is formatted, please try to plug it into iAccess again.

If you sill were not able to get your iAccess working, please contact us via MobileMemory app Settings > Contact us. 


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