How to make sure all photos are transferred to iAccess?

If you are concerned that all your photos are backed up, we recommend to use the automatic photo backup that can be enabled in Settings > Photos & Contacts section of MobileMemory app.

If you have already transferred your photos manually and want to check how many made it through to iAccess, please do the following

1) Check if you have iCloud Photo Library enabled. To check that, please go to Settings >> Photo & Camera >> iCloud Photo Library (if the switch is green, it is enabled).

That means that some of your photos are stored in the cloud and only their low-res versions are kept on iOS device so this can cause some issues with copying the files using our app. So not all photos were transferred to iAccess. By design, iAccess can transfer only those photos that are physically stored on iPhone. If you want to access/backup the rest, please go to, log in to your account and download those photos to your PC/Mac. Then you can put them on iAccess.

2) If iCloud is off, go to MobileMemory app > Transfer Photos > iPhone/Ipad photos to iAccess and scroll up. The photos that are stored on iBridge will have a white iAccess icon at the bottom left corner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us from MobileMemory app Settings > Contact us.

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