My Bridge is NOT detected when plugged in to my Android device. What do I do?

STEP 1 - Verify your phone supports OTG. If you are not sure, just google it. If Google is not helpful, please install OTG Troubleshooter to your device. 

If you see red X near OTG Detected, it means that your device does not support OTG. 

If you are lucky and your device supports OTG, launch file manager app ( you may use ASTRO or ES file Explorer or Nexus Media Importer) on your device. Plug in Bridge. Does the indicator light up? If yes, and your device still cannot see Bridge, please try to use it on another supported Android device. If no, pass on to the STEP 2

STEP 2 - Plug Bridge into your PC. Is it recognized?

If yes, please back up your data and pass on to the next step.

If no - Try other USB ports. If the drive is not receiving ample amount of power from the USB port, it will not function properly. Some desktop computers may need to use the USB ports in back of the computer.

If other ports did not help, please download this program and follow the instructions. (This is a tool for low level formatting of a drive.) Note: This tool will erase all the data from the flash drive. 

If this did not help, please try to use this tool on other Windows-based computer to verify the problem is with the drive.

If none of the above steps solved your issue, please make a screenshot of the program window and submit a tech support ticket at, indicating your order# and a brief description of the steps taken.

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