How do I use it?

Leef Bridge is a flash drive that can be plugged into both computers and Android devices. We have created it to simplify the process of  moving files between your Android phone, tablet, Mac, and Windows PC without the need for cables, cloud services, Wi-Fi, extra batteries and so on.

To make it simple, we can say that the instructions are basically similar to those for an ordinary flash drive. Here the usual USB connector sticks out of one end while a microUSB connector is tucked inside, facing in the opposite direction. Simply slide out the port that you want to use.


Ok, now let's see how to use it with your Android device. 

Firstly, verify your device supports OTG. If you are not sure, please install OTG Troubleshooter to your device. 

If you see red X near OTG Detected, it means that your device does not support OTG. If this is your case, Bridge will not work with your device. You may stop here. 

And for the lucky ones we proceed...

The next step is to install file manager to your device. We advise ASTRO, but you may also use ES File Explorer and Nexus Media Importer for Nexus devices.

Ok, so now just plug in bridge to your Android device using microUSB connector.

That's it. You should get the message "USB Mass storage connected" on the notification panel. Now you can access files on Bridge.

You may also watch this review to get better understanding how Bridge works.

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