What can MobileMemory™ app do?

Leef's iBridge MobileMemory™ is a mobile storage stick which has both a Lightning connector and USB 2.0 connector, allowing users to transfer photos, videos, music, and documents from a Lightning iOS device to the accessory's own memory. Files are copied or moved by way of Leef's free MobileMemory™ app, and can be accessed directly from the accessory — music and videos can be played directly off iBridge. Those files can also be transferred to a Mac or PC via the USB connector.

Upon connecting iBridge to iOS device, a prompt will come up asking you to allow access to the accessory. Make sure you select Allow.

From there, the app will open to a simple menu giving the users four options — Transfer Photos, Content Viewer, Leef Camera, File Manager and Settings.

If you choose "Transfer Photos", you will get 2 options: iPhone/iPad PHOTOS to iBRIDGE, that will open your Camera Roll to select the photos you want to transfer. 

When you select From iPhone/iPad to iBridge, your Camera Roll album opens by default. It gathers all your photos from all albums in one place. 

You can also transfer the entire album, go to Albums at the bottom of the screen > Select Album > Copy items to iBridge > Done. Once the album is transferred, a separate folder is created in File Manager > Leef Photos directory> [Your album name].    

And FILE MANAGER that is divided into 2 folders: iBRIDGE STORAGE and LOCAL STORAGE. 

A file manager allows you to:

  • create new folders
  • rename folders/files
  • duplicate folders/files
  • delete files/folders
  • move files within iBRIDGE and copy them to Local (app) STORAGE directory
  • "Open in" files in other apps (copy files from iBridge to another apps)

When you select CONTENT VIEWER, you will be able to view photos, listen to music or open documents stored in iBRIDGE. PHOTOS/MUSIC/VIDEOS/DOCUMENTS gather all your files on iBRIDGE (from separate folders) so you can enjoy them in one place. 

You also have the option of taking photos and videos directly to the iBridge through the LEEF CAMERA when your storage is full so that you never miss the moment again. 

In SETTINGS you can enable/disable automatic photo/contacts backup, show hidden files, check the version of the app and see how much space you have used and available storage. You can also ask for help by clicking "Contact US" or browse our FAQs.



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