How to transfer documents to iBridge 3?

Most apps on iOS share files through "share" button > Open in > select iBridge 3 app. 

So here are the instructions on how to transfer documents:

From iOS Device to iBridge

In order to copy Pages/Keynote/Numbers documents on iBridge we advise you to use "Open in". Plug in iBridge. Go to Pages select the file and click "Open in another app" select the format and choose iBridge 3™ app. The file will be copied to Manage Files > Inbox folder on iBridge. That is it. Now you can plug USB side of iBridge to Mac and copy that doc to your computer.

If you want to transfer a .pdf file to iBridge from your iOS Device, go to Adobe Reader, choose the file and click 'Open in' => iBridge 3™ app. Now go to Manage Files => Inbox. You will find your .pdf there.

If you want to transfer .doc file from Microsoft Office app, open the file > select the  icon at the top right > Send a copy > Send with Another App > select iBridge from the list.

From iBridge to iOS device

If you want to copy file from iBridge to your iOS device, you may use Open in and open it in the appropriate app. 

Another option is to transfer the file to Local app Storage so that you could access it in iBridge 3 app when the device is unplugged. Here is how to do this: 

Go to Manage Files > Select your doc > press copy icon  and select Local > Copy here



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