How to set password on my iBridge 3? (LeefLock)

LeefLock is a unique security solution designed to protect your files if the device is stolen or lost. When you activate LeefLock, the app will ask you to create a passcode. This passcode will be saved to your Apple iCloud Keychain and if you plug in your iBridge into your devices with the same Apple ID, the app will not ask for passcode every time you launch our app. However, if you use another iOS device, the app will ask you to enter your passcode before you can use the device.

How to activate LeefLock?

1. Plug in your iBridge into iOS device

2. Select "Allow" when the app asks to communicate with iBridge

3. At the top left, press the lock icon , enable LeefLOck


4. Follow the instructions and create your passcode 


5. Once the passcode is set, you can activate a Touch ID for iBridge 3 app to protect the app with your fingerprint as well. You can also enter your contact information (name, email, phone) in case the device is lost so that the person who found would know how to return it to you.


6. That is it, now your files are protected!

Please note that if the LeefLock is on, you will not be able to access/edit your files on PC/Mac. When you plug in the locked device to a computer, you will see just a html file (Help) - a link to a page with instructions on LeefLock and your contact information.

In order to use the device on a computer, please deactivate the LeefLock in iBridge 3 app using the lock icon in the upper left corner. 

Should you have any questions on LeefLock or need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us from iBridge 3 app> Settings> Contact us.

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