Manage Files

Manage Files is a file manager we have developed to help you organize your content on iBridge 3. 

At the top of the screen you can see the storage used on your device. Just below the "used storage bar" there are a few options:

  • Group files by: Name, Type, Date and Size
  • Change layout to grid or list view
  • Create a new folder

At the bottom of the screen you can choose the directory to show your files: iBridge Storage, Local (App storage) and Cloud storage.

Here you can select files/folders and copy or move them to another directory. In order to copy a file please tap on the copy icon at the bottom of the screen; and to move files tap on 3 dots > Move to... in the lower right corner. 

If you want to delete a file, please select it and tap on 3 dots > Delete.

In order to rename or duplicate file, select the file and tap on 3 dots > Duplicate/Rename. 

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