Does the iBridge Air app support HEIC photo format?

Yes, the iBridge Air App supports the HEIC photo format. Please note that Apple implemented support for the HEIC photo format on iPhone 7 and newer.

If HEIC photos are not displayed in the app, please check if your iPhone/iPad model supports this file format:


You can also change the default format of the photos in iPhone Settings >> Photos and Camera >>High Efficiency (HEIC) to Most Compatible (JPEG).




Due to the fact that Windows and MacOS (previous to High Sierra) does not natively support the HEIC photo format, we implemented a possibility to convert HEIC photos to JPEG (for maximum compatibility).


Let us explain the decisions that we made on handling HEIC photos in the iBridge Air app:

  •  Transfer Photos feature (Manual transfer via the menu)

When you select individual photos (or groups of photos) in this area of the App, each of these photos will be converted from HEIC format to JPEG format during the copy function and copied to iBRIDGE Photos folder on the iBridge Air device.

Please note that "Convert HEIC to JPEG" is enabled by DEFAULT in the Settings area of the app, and you are free to disable it at your discretion. 

  • "Auto backup" feature

Unlike the Transfer Photos feature, if you have enabled the Auto Backup feature, the app keeps the original .heic photo format during backup, and the images will NOT be converted into JPEG.  If you want the Auto Backup feature to backup JPEG files only, we recommend that you change the default setting in your iPhone Camera Formats to Most Compatible, which will only save photo files in the JPEG format.

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