How do I make sure that all photos are transferred to iBridge Air?

If you are concerned that all your photos are backed up, we recommend to use the automatic photo backup that can be enabled in in backup section of the iBridge Air, to access this section you need to tap the refresh icon in the upper part of the iBridge Air app’s main screen.



You will see the menu:



By tapping the first line in any if both sections you can set up how often your photos and contacts will be backed up. Here are the options you can choose from:




The second line refers to the backup folder name. Here you change the name of the backup folder for contact and for photos. By changing the name, the app will create a new folder automatically.



Finally by tapping the last line of any of two sections you can backup your contacts and photos now.


Before backing up your photos to your iBridge Air please check if you have iCloud Photo Library enabled. To check that, please go to Settings >> Photo & Camera >> iCloud Photo Library (if the switch is green, it is enabled).

That means that some of your photos are stored in the cloud and only their low-res versions are kept on iOS device so this can cause some issues with copying the files using our app. So not all photos were transferred to iBridge Air . By design, iBridge Air  can transfer only those photos that are physically stored on you iOS device. If you want to access/backup the rest, please go to, log in to your account and download those photos to your PC/Mac. Then you can put them on iBridge Air.

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