How do I connect to the iBridge Air and the Internet at the same time using the iBridge Air iOS app?

In order to connect to the iBridge Air and the Internet at the same time you need to enable "Internet Settings" in iBridge Air IOS App 

Settings menu.  Please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

In your IOS Device Wi-Fi Settings, confirm that you are directly connected to your iBridge Air, as it is shown in the screenshot below:




Step 2:

After you finish the first step, please return to your iBridge Air iOS app and navigate to the settings menu. You will need to select the following setting highlighted in the picture below:



Step 3:

In the following menu, your iBridge Air will identify all of the possible wireless networks that are in your home or local area that it can connect to.  In this example, the network named "Home_Network" is the network that we will connect to in order to get Internet access. 


A small lock icon on the right side of the box is showing you that this network has a password associated with the wireless network.  You will need to enter that WiFi password in order to connect to your home network.




Once you have entered the WiFi password correctly and tap "ok", your iBridge Air will need about 30 seconds restart. During this time, your iBridge Air will connect to your home network and receive an IP address from your home router.





When the iBridge Air has restarted, you will notice a check mark next to the network that your iBridge Air is now connected to.




Step 4:

At this time, you can now go back into your iOS Wi-Fi settings and connect to your home network (in this example “Home_Network”).  You will now be able to access your iBridge Air over your home network and access the Internet at the same time.






Please note: You may need to force close your iBridge Air app and re-open it for the app to be able to see the iBridge Air again.

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